Virtual Keypad

Connect to your alarm system using the NHS365 IOT App.


Virtual Keypads are used to connect to your existing alarm system and make available a keypad presentation in an App. This facilitates interacting with the alarm system remotely or locally using the App as an alternative to the physical keypad in a fixed location at the premises. The virtual keypad interface connects to the alarm system bus and to the internet using Ethernet or WiFi and thus becomes available to the App when connected. This also facilitates having an integrated solution App for IOT items at the facility reducing the need for many apps, many security login schemes and the need to maintain so many of these.

Current versions available can operate with versions of the following alarm panels. Aritech advisor CD family of alarm panels such as CS350, CD91xx. Legacy HKC 8-12 and some newer HKC Securewave panels.  Aritech advisor master CS1500 and family of panels.

Other versions may become available based on customer demand for IOT integration.

See the NHS365 app for more information on IOT and integration.


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