Smart Door Controller SDAC1

Smart Door Controller SDAC1 for residential or small commercial for simple access control and facilitating services provision.


The Smart Door Controller SDAC1 is for residential or small commercial use where simple maintenance of access control is desired and no auxiliary computer or controller is required. The smart door controller connects to the internet using WiFi and is then available for the owner using the NHS365 WebApp to control it and also for IOT integration. The unit incorporates bluetooth communications to allow for initial setup and for service agents to possibly gain access using the Rapid365 WebApp if the owner has allowed the approved agent using their App. The unit also has the capability to connect to slave delivery boxes or equipment using an RF link for controlling deliveries.

The controller is separate from the keypad and located inside the door and the keypad is mounted on the outside of the door. This ensures that access cannot occur by tampering with the outside keypad. There are a number of external minimum profile keypad options for use with the controller which allows combinations of Pin code, Smart card and/or Fingerprint access. The controller typically provides the bell push function also in installations to alert the occupants for some activities.

The controller can support 50 users offline from the internet for Pin codes, Proximity  smart cards and Fingerprint and any number of smart cards or Fobs when connected to the internet where Identity Authentication and Access Management (IAAM365) is used to validate bone fides under control of the owner using the NHS365 WebApp.


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