Smart Delivery Box S322

S322 Smart Delivery Box designed to accept 2 deep of 300mm x 200mm stackable delivery containers or general purpose use.


The S322 Smart Delivery Box is designed to accept 2 deep of 300mm x 200mm containers used to transport goods by vendors and based on an industry standard size. The box can be opened by key or WebApp by delivery agents to make deliveries if approved by the owner of the box. The box is typically associated with a premises by the owner and control of access to make deliveries is managed by an internet infrastructure which validates the bone fides of the agent requesting access to make a delivery to the box. There are two Apps involved, the user/owner uses the NHS365 IOT WebApp and the delivery agent uses the Rapid365 delivery agent WebApp. The box uses battery power for operation and battery life is typically good for 1 year operation. Low battery condition is notified to the apps when in use.

Although standalone in operation this smart delivery box can be slaved to a Smart Delivery and Access Control unit by its built in RF link for further integration in IOT operations associated with a premises and alarm/tamper notifications.


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