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Data Usage by NetHomeSolutions

The data used by NetHomeSolutions is from a number of databases. These include a database which users register with to use the nhs-iot webApp and is used to authenticate the user and maintain information concerning the equipment and places they own. These users can opt to have their identity removed and unregistered.

The IAAM365 database which holds information about users/entities who register to facilitate proving that the user/entity is who they claim to be. It holds information regarding credentials and affiliations of the user/entity that facilitates proof of trust to differing levels so queries to the service by applications like NetHomeSolutions applications can manage access permissions assigned to the user/entity. These users/entities can opt to have their entry information removed and unregistered. These may also be removed/refused registration if vetting finds lack of bone fides of the user/entity.

Databases of supporting data associated with service provision are used to facilitate webApp users in using and maintaining their experience with the application solution. An example would be the publicly available PSA register of security installation engineers.

NetHomeSolutions will provide lists of the additional databases developed/used for the purposes of supporting secure service provision trust to nhs-iot webApp users and other associated apps for delivery agents and service providers.

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