NetHomeSolutions was created to allow users to authenticate service providers as bone fides and take more ownership of their data and communications with their IOT equipment. Key components for delivery and access by authenticated providers were designed with that goal in mind.

Our Mission

Up to now customers are queried and made to authenticate themselves when service providers or their agents are in communications with them about their services. With phishing and other scams on the increase the ability for users to be able authenticate the service providers as bone fides has arisen. The delivery of goods and services to the home or business requires authentication of the provider and the need to be able to do that quickly and automatically in a consistent and secure way is needed. The user needs to trust and understand how the process works. Our mission is to provide a verifiable process and gain the trust that users can have peace of mind with when using our solutions.

Our History

Having roots in the physical security industry where systems are designed to protect the customers homes and businesses there has been an evolution in what needs to be protected and how it can be protected. Security systems operate to standards geared to protect the customer. NetHomeSolutions was formed to extend this security principle to include goods and services delivered to homes and businesses and also the bone fides of who is doing the provision. This includes the access to delivery areas and security associated IOT equipment exposed to the internet within these premises.

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A goal of NetHomeSolutions is to be respectful and welcoming with everybody, users, partners, collaborators and the broader community. Regardless of level of experience, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, personal appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, age, religion, or nationality. Sole requirement is bone fides.