Field Trial.

We are preparing for field trial of new smart connected devices along with the required updates to the user app(s) and delivery agent app. The availability of the devices will only be after the completion of the field trial to ensure a trouble free experience for all users. For early adopters we will provide a link to express interest in taking part in the field trial.

The trial involves exercising the Delivery Box and the IOT Smart Door Control at sites with the cooperation of a delivery agent and uses the internet authentication by both delivery webApp and also Smart ID.

The goal of the trial is to validate users ability to control who they trust to allow access to make deliveries to their Boxes or delivery areas and the different options they have to do this. Another goal is to ensure it helps the delivery agent to complete deliveries to unattended sites. Finally to get feedback on the experience for both user and delivery agent using the IOT infrastructure and identity authentication.

Due to chip shortages being experienced by all there is a limited supply of product for field trial and there may be a delay in the ability to supply product post field trial. Apologies in advance if these shortages persist. Again if interested in taking part watch for a field trial participation link at bottom of the page to register, we may also need to use an early adopter link post trial if the global chip shortage limits our supplies.

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